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Rules for Use

1. No child under the age of 17 will be allowed to use the Internet access computers until a parent or guardian of the child and the child have read a copy of this policy and signed the agreement.

2. Any patron wishing to use the Internet access computers must sign up at the circulation desk. The set time period for each individual use will be 30 minutes, with extensions given at the discretion of the staff. Use of each terminal may be limited to two individuals at one time.

3. First priority will be use for academic research and reports. Second priority will be for general research and email. Third priority will be given to simple searches, gaming, and instant messaging programs.

4. Patrons may ask the staff for assistance and/or instruction for using the Internet. A time that is convenient to both staff and patron may be reserved for such assistance.

5. Downloading is not permitted without staff approval.

6. Any patron who willfully damages or tampers with the hardware or software may be banned from further use, and/or may be charged for repairs.

7. Any patron who willfully accesses illegal sites or exposes staff or other patrons to sites which are obscene or involve visual depictions which are pornographic in nature, may be banned from further access to the Internet.

8. All minors using the Internet should take care not to disclose information, such as names, ages, addresses or other personal information which could be used to harm them.

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