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Library History

On October 16, 1958, the first library board meeting was held. At this meeting, a decision was made to ask the village for space in the Partridge Lakes Development building. This building was originally used as a cafeteria during the construction of Erie Mining Company.

January of 1959, Mrs. Lillian Esala was hired to purchase and catalog materials. The library officially opened April 15, 1959, with 2,360 books; 1,354 were purchased, and 1,016 had been donated. Within the first month, there were 233 registered library users.

In February of 1960, Mrs. Esala resigned and Mrs. Mary Sukovich was hired. By 1965 there were nearly 2,000 registered users and a 25-foot addition was constructed on the end of the building. In 1967 the board voted to join the Arrowhead Library System.

Mrs. Sukovich retired in April of 1984 and Audrey Evers was hired. During the next decade the first computers were purchased for the library and all item records were converted into computer readable format.

Hoyt Lakes Public Library building outside view

In August, 1992, the library moved into a new building built on land donated by LTV Steel Mining Company and funded through a bond which received a 72% favorable vote from the community. In 1996, the library went on-line with Arrowhead Library System's new automated program. In September 1997, public Internet access was made available.

Audrey Evers retired in April 2005 and Susan Sowers became the new Library Director.

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