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Public Forum Meeting

Tuesday, August 29
5:30 - 7:00 pm

Public Forum Meeting Ground Rules 
  1. This is a public discussion. We will hear many points of view and will explore many options and solutions. This will not be a debate.
  2. Everyone is encouraged to participate, but it is always OK to “pass” when you are asked to share a comment.
  3. When you speak, state your name and where you live.
  4. One person speaks at a time. Please refrain from side conversations and pay attention to the person speaking.
  5. Do your best to understand the pros and cons of every option, not just those you prefer. Be as objective and fair-minded as you can be 
  6. Ask questions to seek clarification when you don’t understand the meaning of someone’s comments.
  7. No one or two individuals should dominate a discussion. If you have already voiced your ideas, please let others have an opportunity. Please be brief and to the point.
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