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Non Fiction

Brendon, Sheri: Break Point

Egan, Timothy: A Fever in the Heartland

Kay, Kitty: The Confidence Code for Girls

Leed, Percy: Minecraft Construction

Pierce, Simon: What's the Economy

Royston, Angela: 50 Things You Should Know About the Human Body

Sartor Obermeyer, Mary Beth: When Winter Came

Schumacher, Michael: Too Much Sea for Their Decks

Sheard, Paul: The Power of Money

Telesmanic, Shayna: Food For You

Thomas, Evan: Road to Surrender

Twenge, Jean: MGenerations

Vlahos, Hadley: The In-Between

Walton, Calder: Spies

Zajac, Linda: Minecraft Mobs

Zajac, Linda: Minecraft Survival Mode

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