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Emergencies and Disasters

The library director (or designee) may close the Hoyt Lakes Public Library when, in his or her best judgment, conditions are such that they pose a safety risk or danger to staff and patrons. Department managers will alert the library director (or designee) when conditions warrant closure. Conditions that warrant closure of the library include those that endanger the health or safety of the staff or public. Staff members who are sent home will be paid for the remainder of their normal work shift.

If the building must be evacuated, the staff member in charge must ensure that all members of the public and staff have left the building. The building will then be secured to the extent possible (doors locked, security system armed, etc.) based on the current situation. The library director and the police department are to be informed of the evacuation and closure as quickly as it is safe to do so.

Staff should take care to ensure that children under the age of 16 have safe passage home if the library must close. If a parent or guardian cannot be contacted, two staff members (or a staff member and volunteer) must stay with the child until transportation can be arranged. If possible, contact the police. Under only the most severe circumstances, when police and other safety officers are not available and the situation appears to be long-term, will staff transport a child in their own vehicle.

Emergency kits, including basic first aid supplies, a flashlight and batteries, gloves and masks, will be maintained at the circulation desk.

In the event that inclement weather or other conditions make it unsafe to open the library, the library director will notify staff that they should not report to work or that the library will open on a delayed schedule. Staff members who are notified that they should not report to work will receive their regular pay. Depending on the exact nature of the emergency closure, key staff may be required to report to work. Failure to report to work when directed may result in disciplinary action. The library director may also assign staff to work at different locations or for other city departments during times when the library is closed.

Following any emergency, the library director will provide a report on the emergency and its handling to the board of directors at their next meeting.

 Approved by Library Board 3/19/13

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